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Who We Are

Welcome to the webpage of Cash for Cars Santa Clarita, an automotive buying service for the entire Santa Clarita area. We buy new and used cars from people who don`t have the time or ability to sell their vehicles the old-fashioned way. Take some time to check out our services and see if they are the right fit for you.

What We Do

Gone are the days of sitting your car or truck at the end of your driveway with a for sale sign in the window. Gone are the days of taking less money than you deserve, simply because it`s the best offer you have received in the two months your vehicle has been sitting in your driveway.

This is the twenty-first century: the age of convenience. We make selling your car a more convenient experience.

How We Do It

So we say that we make selling your car more convenient, but how? We will buy your car. Not only that, we will make the process simple and convenient as well. Here is how it works:

You give us some basic information.

You tell us a few basic details about your vehicle, including: make, model, year, and condition.

We figure out the value of your vehicle.

Based on the information you provide, we will calculate the approximate value of your vehicle. We will use information about the type, make, model, and year to get a base value for the vehicle. We will then calculate its current value based on its current condition. The better the condition, the more valuable the vehicle.

We offer you a quote.

Once we calculate the value of your vehicle, we will offer you a quote. This quote is the price we are willing to pay you for your vehicle. All of the services we offer come at no charge and will not impact the value we assign to your vehicle.

You accept the quote.

At least, we hope you do.

We meet.

You tell us a time and place that you would like to meet. As long as both are reasonable, we set up our schedule to work with yours. We will meet you at the agreed destination at the agreed time to buy your car.

We verify information and ownership.

This part is a simple formality. We double-check your vehicle to ensure that the information you gave us is correct. We also check your vehicle`s registration andmake sure you have all of the appropriate paperwork. If everything checks out, we are ready to buy your car.

We buy your car.

It`s that simple. We will buy your car on the spot. We give you the agreed amount of money, you give us the keys, we sign over the ownership information.

Why You`ll Love It

It`s pretty easy to see why you will love our services: they are convenient! Let`s take a look at the reasons you will love using Cash for Cars Santa Clarita.

No waiting

Forget waiting around for the phone to ring. Forget waiting for someone to read your ad online. Forget waiting around at home for people who call and say they are interested, but never actually show up to look at your car. Or what about those people who say they want to buy it, that they are just going to run over to the bank, but never return. Stop wasting your time waiting around. We make the process fast.

No obligation

You don`t have to accept our quote. You don`t have to do anything you don`t want to do. If you choose not to accept our quote, or simply decide that you actually aren`t ready to sell your car, you can back out at any time before the paperwork is signed. There will be no charges and no repercussions.

Fair and honest

We pride ourselves on our fair and honest prices. Feel free to shop around. We believe we will give you the best price and the best services.

No fuss

Don`t worry about having to drive all over the city from used car lot to used car lot, sitting in waiting rooms, receiving quote after quote. Just pick up your phone, or fill out our [online contact form] to get your quote. When you are ready to sell, we come to you. No need to change your plans or schedule a lengthy trip into your day.

What If You're Not In Santa Clarita?

If you are currently not located in Santa Clarita, it's alright. We service surrounding areas as well so we most likely can still come to you. Although, if for some reason you happened to land on this website from out of state well, then we believe it would be in your best interest to deal with a company that is closer to you. For instance, if you're in Phoenix you might choose to deal with Cash For Cars Phoenix . This is merely an example and you should find someone who is local to you.